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Thursday, 12 July 2018

I try to keep most my blogs upbeat, sometimes though you have to be serious and honest, there are times when you wish someone cared now I don't mean family they love you in most cases, unlike my kids, but I mean people who you are there for but they show who they are when you need a friend, I can tell you my life for the most part sucks, I have fought for over seven years to do a good job at work to try to be upbeat even though everyone is trying to figure out how to get rid of me, I sit in my car almost every day before going home and cry because I can't vent there either, I look at my wrist and think how easy it would be, but I believe in God and don't want to go to hell, people say karma, I say bullshit, bad people get treated like gold good people get crapped on,I don't have friends though I will be their friends if they need me, I can say anything on Facebook and can't get a comment or a like because if you work around me, it might make you look bad to associate with me, screw that, u either like me or don't, just don't be fake, anyway needed to vent.

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