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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Im to smart to be the boss.

Work the most frustrating word ever, have you ever gone to work to suddenly feel like everyone in higher positions are so stupid, i'm looking around wondering, what is it yall aren't seeing, everything is falling apart and yall can't see it, you are scared to death to tell people work or go home, you treat the people that work like shit, we have a new head dude that I though maybe this person might at least respect me as a person but seems to me he's like all the others before him that falls for   or has opened my file and believes the lies, it's so frustrating I actually like this guy and won't judge him by what I've read, but i'm sorry the leaks the potholes, when does it stop, let's all concentrate on the grass wtf, why don't the head guy start asking questions if he wants this place ran right, the people he trust here are talking awful about him, I wish he would ask me some questions or maybe he doesn't want the truth, everyone says we need to hire more people no we don't we just need to work the ones we have, we get in trouble for leaving a truck running for 5 minutes, but nobody says anything to the people taking  their kids to school or work ina company vehicle, I don't get it, but this bullshit favoritism is pushing me off Democrats

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