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Friday, 24 August 2018

If you can't beat them, should you get on your knees and join them

Ok so i'm trying my best to stay positive at work, this morning I took my styrofoam cup and tore it into little pieces lined then up counted them then threw them away to keep from losing my cool, all I hear about is the budget, too much overtime not getting stuff done, I want to beat my head into a wall only because I can't beat anyone else's, i'm not the smartest person in this stupid town but good lord people open your damn eyes, you let lazy people ride the clock you work the few hard workers to death, you lie constantly to the big bosses and you threaten our jobs if we even consider talking to the main man, it's ridiculous, for once let the man talk to us 1 on 1, he would learn so much, so many people stop and ask me if there are only 2 of us working there, we aren't allowed to say anything so I just give a fake smile, and cry they can't tell cause the tears combine with the sweat pouring down my face, it's tough watching your coworkers riding around in their air conditioned trucks watching you sweat with nose bleeds from the heat, and why stop since your the only one that doesn't have AC in your truck, five people are doing one job to get it done fast, but when I have to do that exact same job because someones on vacation, I ask for help and im told no because i'm a badass, WTF, no im just not a lazy fatass,

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