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Monday, 27 August 2018

Favoritism in the workplace

We all know about it, but usually people try to hide it, not at my job, I've been here 7.5 yrs, the new people, 4 months, I ask can I come in early and work for an hour of comp time to make up for physical therapy because I was hurt on the job and I don't get paid for doctors or physical therapy, well no Kim you can't cause well you just can't, person working for 4 months, can I come in and work 15 minutes early and get an hour comp so I can miss work to take my kid to her appointments, well of course you can, me asking can me and my coworker get help because a two man crew is klling us, and the heat is making us sick and we are the only ones without AC, sure, ok new person go help them, new person, do I have to, it's too hard and hot and I'd rather stand around in the office and talk all day, of course, I didn't realize how hard it's been on you, we are gonna take it easy on you because you served your country for 4 yrs, half ass, oh well im sorry I chose to serve God from the time I was taught who God was, so for all you people who do all us God fearing people the way you do, may he have mercy on you.

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