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Monday, 11 February 2019

Being happy is highly overrated, jobs you wish to get, unemployment your entitled to, a lawyer who wants 30% but doesn't give you the paper to sign or answer your questions or even contact you for that matter, bosses that can sexually harass you but unless your rich you only got 180 to 300 days to report it, someday all of you wrong doing people will pay for the hurt you have inflicted, and when your down and reaching up to me for help, I should spit on you, but I would give you my hand.
You left me scarred but I will never be like you.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

I hate to say I hate but God help me I hate, I wish Ricky Tow, Amanda Hill, and Richard Cates would die, I don't deserve this, i'm not perfect by no means but I don't deserve this, WHERE ARE YOU GOD? I am sick of hearing get a job even if it pays 8 an hour instead of just sitting at home eating and using electricity, tell your mother you can't go spend ther night you got to geta job, your fucking right I hate, and I am losing my faith.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

I wish I could go back to a simple time in life, but this is the life I've been giving, it's 9:08 PM and I'm in a dark park prepared to sleep in my car unfortunately i'm not tired, I'm just kinda lost scared and confused, today started off ok  Until my husband told me that I shouldn't be talking to my 30
Year old friend and I was probably screwing my boss, hearing about money is bad enough, but hearing that im the biggest mistake he's ever made is the worst. Maybe he's right I can't keep a man or a job my kids hate me, I hate myself, and i'm a coward because I can't get rid of myself, I have no money, and I seem to be on God's shit list all the time, some people would envy me or tell me im selfish and maybe they are right, I have an uncle dying of cancer, I would trade places with him because he belongs here more than I do, if  anything happens to me, I would like someone to help my mom through it, and tell Amanda Hill and Ricky Tow and Richard Cates that they set up this chain of events.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Today January 1st 2019,
     Feels just as sucky as 2018 and it's just begun. Amanda and Ricky I hope this new year gives yall exactly what's coming to you, I hope your spouses find out about your affair, I hope both your worlds crumble, because mine sure has thanks to you.
Amanda go back to Colorado. Bowie take him back.