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Saturday, 5 January 2019

I wish I could go back to a simple time in life, but this is the life I've been giving, it's 9:08 PM and I'm in a dark park prepared to sleep in my car unfortunately i'm not tired, I'm just kinda lost scared and confused, today started off ok  Until my husband told me that I shouldn't be talking to my 30
Year old friend and I was probably screwing my boss, hearing about money is bad enough, but hearing that im the biggest mistake he's ever made is the worst. Maybe he's right I can't keep a man or a job my kids hate me, I hate myself, and i'm a coward because I can't get rid of myself, I have no money, and I seem to be on God's shit list all the time, some people would envy me or tell me im selfish and maybe they are right, I have an uncle dying of cancer, I would trade places with him because he belongs here more than I do, if  anything happens to me, I would like someone to help my mom through it, and tell Amanda Hill and Ricky Tow and Richard Cates that they set up this chain of events.

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